Répertoire des non-conformistes religieux des seizième et dix-septième siècles
scripta et studia — Tome 6

R. Emmet McLAUGHLIN: The Freedom of the Spirit, Social Privilege, and Religious Dissent. Caspar Schwenckfeld and the Schwenkfelders.
1996. 272 pages, 1 portrait. € 114,-- ISBN 978-3-87320-886-5

Monograpghical study of special religious dissidents of the 16th and 17th centuries. These volume deals with dissident movements that failed to claim a place among the dominant religious communities of sixteenth-century Europe. Freedom of the Spirit is a collection of eight of Professor McLaughlin's essays on Schwenkfeld from 1979 to 1994,plus an introduction for this volume. Schwenkfeld (1489-1561), a Silesian nobleman, promulgated his spiritualist understanding of the gospel first in his native Duchy of Lausitz, then after 1529 in Strasbourg, Augsburg, Ulm, and Esslingen.

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