Répertoire des non-conformistes religieux des seizième et dix-septième siècles
scripta et studia — Tome 5

Michael SCREECH: Rabelais and the Challenge of the Gospel. Evangelism — Reformation — Dissent.
1992. 156 pages. € 64,-- ISBN 978-3-87320-885-8

Monograpghical study of special religious dissidents of the 16th and 17th centuries. Here: Rabelais. In sixteeth century, as still today, the differences separating Catholics, Evangelicals and Reformed Protestants are not confined to strictly dogmatic questions; they are concerned with the nature of faith itself. Rabelais' Chronicles are not evangelical treatises. Nevertheless religious ideas play a major role in them. This study presents a regular development of his religious thought from his earliest writings up to his last.

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