Répertoire des non-conformistes religieux des seizième et dix-septième siècles
scripta et studia — Tome 4

Douglas H. SHANTZ: Crautwald and Erasmus. Study in Humanism and Radical Reform in Sixteenth Century Silesia.
1992. 256 pages. € 92,-- ISBN 978-3-87320-884-1

Monograpghical study of special religious dissidents of the 16th and 17th centuries. Here: Study in Humanism and Radical Reformation in Sixteenth Century Silesia with two goals: first, to seek to investigate the main features of the thought and contribution of Valentin Crautwald, sixteenth century spiritualist theologian and colleague of Caspar Schwenckfeld; secondly, the study consideres to what extent this representative of radical reform can be identified with two other influential traditions of this time - late medieval Augustianism and Erasmian Humanism. A subsidary goal is to present Crautwald as an early representative of the ecumenical ideal, highlighting his approach to restoring peace und unity to the devided church of his day.

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