Répertoire des non-conformistes religieux des seizième et dix-septième siècles
scripta et studia — Tome 2

Waclaw URBAN: Der Antitrinitarismus in den Böhmischen Ländern und in der Slowakei im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert.
1986. 248 Seiten, 1 Karte. € 80,-- ISBN 978-3-87320-882-7

Monograpghical study of special religious dissidents of the 16th and 17th centuries. Here: Antitrinitarism in Bohemia and Slovakia. Even before the 'classical' reformation, Bohemian countries were 'heretical' and one of the eldest centers of antitrinitarism. It can not be excluded that Bohemia had influence on the initiation of this movement in countries like Italy, Hungary and Poland. In the 16th century the Bohemian countries, mostly Moravia, acted as hideaway for exiled antitrinitarians.

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